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About us

Nútrí's most important goals are to offer healthy & fresh food made with passion & served with personal service. We care about our customers & all Nutrí's food is made daily from scratch. By making everything from scratch we know where the food comes from & how much super nutrition is in the food we have to offer.

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The owners of Nútrí are the siblings Áslaug Stefánsdóttir & Gunnar Héðinn Stefánsson and Sigrún Ragnarsdóttir. Sigrún has cooked food & making recipes since she was six & is she the main chef of Nútrí & the woman with the answers. Áslaug Stefánsdóttir is a goal coach & nutritionist by training. In addition to making sure that the nutrition in the recipes passes all tests, she also takes care of the company's marketing. Gunnar is the mastermind behind Nútrí & it can be said that there are few people who are as well readed in health-related matters & the world's best vitamins but Gunnar Héðinn Stefánsson & Sigrún Ragnarsdóttir. 

Nútrí Health Bar is a family restaurant in the heart of Háaleitisbraut that wants to rule the game in healthy food in Iceland. The place opened in 2020 & has been growing since then & is now also on Bústaðavegur & in Hagasmára, near Smáralind.

If you want to know more, want to come work for us or whatever, don't hesitate to get in touch 

Health & greetings, Nútrí Team

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